Thursday, 26 April 2012

Post # 18 - Yes or No?

After a few days of silence, He sent me a text saying...........

Swty...everyone deserves a second chance.We both went through many obstacles please be patient with me. 

hmmm what should i do??

12 Loves Me ;-P:

Just said... [Reply to Comment]

Follow ur heart!

Aki said... [Reply to Comment]

If it's worth trying, why not?? ^_^.v..

Dyana said... [Reply to Comment]

worth trying :) jarang lelaki mo pujuk sbb ego.

DoRa Priscilla said... [Reply to Comment]

Second chance? worth the try :D

Rose Flower said... [Reply to Comment]

Do you really think its worth trying???? hehehehe...putung stim kijap. well you know i know....cheers:)

☆彡Mitchell Cullen said... [Reply to Comment]

Just say I do! :D

Anonymous said... [Reply to Comment]

Er, forget it? Hihihi!

nGiau said... [Reply to Comment]

pray ;)

Daniel Chiam said... [Reply to Comment]

hmmmm we cant tell you what to do... in the end its not us who is going to live with the decision made. What I know is, relationship is a commitment from both to make it work... if not married yet, there's still option for both to break up but only after both giving it all out another try.

beaty said... [Reply to Comment]

pray and i think he is true everyone deserved second chance.

Good luck and cheers

☆彡Mitchell Cullen said... [Reply to Comment]

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Aemy Shamy said... [Reply to Comment]

just follow ur heart dear, i dont have the rights to tell u what to do. it's all yours :)

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