Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Back on track

Phewww..finally my blog back on track...i fel so sayang with my previous blog's layout but i dunno lah i think something wrong with the layout setting terpaksa tukar yg baru...and thousand apology to.... ( u knw who u r) coz i didn't notc dat my new layout same as urs til u drop me a msg :P but no big deal bah dat kan maybe citarasa kita sama. muahahahha
Oppss need to gt ready now..bos ajak pi karaoke lalalalalala (^_')

2 Loves Me ;-P:

Vienne said... [Reply to Comment]

dont worry..i dunt mind at all..infact, that template is for everyone rite...well, maybe we both share same interests or maybe something else...we wouldnt know...,:)

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

Ty dear!

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