Wednesday, 28 October 2009


This photos taken when i was in KL during my cousin's convo, but unfortunately we (me and my cousin's sister) are not allowed to enter the hall because of our unformal attire..."hahah padan muka". so we end up waiting outside the hall until the convo is done.We both feel hungry so we off to canteen bought some food..while waiting for the food to be ready..its caught my attention to this two creatures..i was amazed to see them together like a best buddy...

Aren't they lovely:))

Uikkss...sibuk nampak:P

Banyak kutu ke bang?? :P

Oi apa tengok-tengok?? (^_^)
P/S.....Sambil layan gambar ni..jangan lupa klik2 NUFF ads yer! tq tq

2 Loves Me ;-P:

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