Saturday, 24 October 2009

Project Alpha

I'm not a fanatic to but i'm addicted to read her blog.Even though i still new in this blog world, but she make me amazed when she reveal how much she earned from blogging.Not only that, if you watch the video of Redmummy's Project Alpha , she also give a few tips how to become a successful blogger.
Here are few tips from Redmummy;
  • Work hard
  • Have your own personality
  • Have your own style of writing
  • Punctuality

I believe there is more tips from her so can't wait to see the next episode from Redmummy.!

Click here to watch all the Alpha Project's video i wish to have a LV bag like her...(^_')

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CHINA DOLL said... [Reply to Comment]

Uiii glamernya sudah si Redmummy tu. Pernah juga masuk blognya tapi tak la mengikuti sangat perkembangannya.

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