Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Once u begin to excercise regulary, u will discover many more reasons why exercise is so important to improving that quality of ur life.Excercise reduce stress, lifts mood and help u sleep better.It can keep u looking and feeling younger throughout ur entire for me..i really miss to wear those size "S-M" clothes! don't u???....wah cakap banyak only! muahahahah
Ok this is Victoria Island Club, where i do my regular exercise.

This is the fitness gym center

Ok presenting 2 u my beloved gym instructor "uncle Fred".He is a former bodybuilder of sabah contingent. can u guess how old is he???

Ok this is my gymmate, Wan. The above photo was taken 8 months ago were he was 127kg.

This photo of him taken recently were he is 89kg. Just see how the different.Ok let me tell u his secret...Just do regular exercise, strict diet and the most important is "NO RICE AT ALL".He really makes me motivated.If he can do it...why don't we? kan..kan..kan! ok gtg now..Zzzzz dreaming of my body like J.Lo..kunuk!

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eynda said... [Reply to Comment]

Hai flora....eynda follow ur blog ya...btw eynda kagum tengok ur gymmate....kita yakin boleh! I nak linkkan ur blog dlm list member2 99htn ;-)

Flora said... [Reply to Comment]

Hi Eynda tnx for dropping by. ok nanti i link u too . yeah yakin boleh!! :))))

fitness chief said... [Reply to Comment]

Hi, it'll be the starchy carbs in the rice that will have been giving him the trouble. He might want to try a quality brown rice instead, that may not give the same problems.


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