Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sunday's market @ Gaya Street K.K (Part 1)

Photos taken during my Cmas's holiday...just for u to see...enjoy da photos!!! :D

Crowds looking for bargain

Check out the accessories

Sweet potatoes & Yams

Colourful butterfly for accessories/decorations

Persian's Cats (RM1,500-1,600) ^_^...anyone???? story last year punya...masi banyak lagi tapi gambar belum siap edit so..layan ja la kay!

2 Loves Me ;-P:

POSH76 said... [Reply to Comment]

tomeila tuceng tu kat pasar pun ada jual tuceng yek hehe

IxoR@ said... [Reply to Comment]

alololo kuceng...

sangat cumil!

nape nak jual....? huhuhuh.....

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