Tuesday, 3 November 2009

99HTN updates....

Its been 3 days already...i didn't touched any rice..yalah sudah namanya 99HTN kan, but thank God everything is goes smoothly.No headeache, no starving and no gastric..phewwww!!! my target is to lose at least 1 kg per week...we will see la kan.I started my gym about 3 months ago so far i lost about 5 kgs..hmmm not bad eh! I want to lose more kgs that why i challenge myself to join the 99HTN contest. Diet sambil bersenam..ewahhhh kooo!!
My gym was simple only coz i don't go for heavy exercise like those lifting heavy weight. I just do lots of cardio exercise like treadmill for 20-30 mins and seat up for my "Sexy a.k.a seksa tummy" muahahahahah.But most of the time the gym's instructor (we called him uncle fred) forced me to do the leg's raise exersice. He said its very effective to reduce ur flabby tummy...jahat lah uncle ni..boleh dia cakap my tummy is flabby..ehhh mana ada flabby ohhhh :P...and he owez teased me.."hey Flo u must remember arr..no pain no gain...seksa dulu baru sexy"...! but anyway i enjoy my gym and at the same time i make a new friends too !! (^_^)...adiossss

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Anonymous said... [Reply to Comment]

Wah fren you lost 5kgs. bravo...bravo. you go girl. wah silap2 ko kurussssss sudah dari sia nie tau....

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

belum berapa ketara lagi..still long way to go la...but working hard now :P

POSH76 said... [Reply to Comment]

bagus2 siap gi gym..lagi senang nak slim

cayalah sis..hehe

Vienne said... [Reply to Comment]

nice....i join that too..the thing is, i still cant leave the rice in the morning...but i take it less than before

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said... [Reply to Comment]

3 days without rice? tabik la sama ko ni.. kalau sa, x bulih tahan suda tu.. hehe..

kaC post la ur current photo.. ;)

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

Posh79: aku ni kalo harap tak makan nasi je mmg slow lah progress tu..tu lah kena pi gym juga..hehehh

Vienne: im just lucky coz my friends r very supportive..they kip on remind me...no rice flo! jan hangat2 tai ayam ohhh..lol!

Annie: daling jan dulu ko tabik sia..tu baru 3 hari masi buli survive tu..lol! bah nanti lah sa kasi post tu current photo...sekarang ni belum nampak ketara lagi sebab baru 5 kgs bah..cewahhh

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