Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas's Mood!

What a day! but i manage to go through it today..lots of things i need to settle down before i leave for christmas's holiday. Heheh i think im really in a cmas mood ody...i miss my mum, dad, bro & sistas! Its been a year i didn't go back to kampung.Normally i will spend about 2 weeks with them every cmas...but still not enough for me..belum puas lagi mo manja2 sama dorang mami & dadi, mo gaduh2 sama dorang my bro & sistas...and we have so many things to do during the cmas..and i really enjoy every moment with my family & relatives.

And i can't wait oso to meet my best buddies, Rosc & June....banyak cerita & gossip mo share2 ni.Shhhhhhh...well girl's life! hehehehehe
Hmmm..getting them a cmas's gift a lil bit hard for me....till now still thinking what gift to buy for them....idea plzzzzz come!
Believe or not! since a week ago i ody packed my things! biasanya aku ni jenis yang last minutes person punya...maybe im too excited!!!

hmmm…..ok lahhhhhhhhh..need to go to sleep now…
Oppssss almost forget i still have 1 task to settle.....need to update my 3ddp...ok next n3 plzzzz;P

4 Loves Me ;-P:

unwanted said... [Reply to Comment]

baju untuk christmas nanti dah beli lum.?.:)

Vienne said... [Reply to Comment]

hehe...merry christmas..
balik sabah nanti jgn lupa ole-ole..
mana tau kita boleh jumpa2

Flo Alfera said... [Reply to Comment]

Belum sempat shopping baju utk cmas lagi hehehhe

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

Heheh boleh tu..anyway Merry cmas to u too! Have fun!!

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