Thursday, 3 December 2009

What i Earned from NUFFNANG...

First of all, i wud like to say many many thanks to all my bloggers friends for helping me to earned something from NUFFNANG.Even tho the amount its not substantial but its make me more determine to continue blogging. Teeheee
Buffered Earning -Heineken Festive (i know some of u don't dare to click this lol!)Last Week Traffic...up and down like the rollercoaster "sigh"

Shared with uols how much i earned for the past few weeks.Not much but at least there is something better than nothing right! We shud be thankful to Nuffnang for giving us this kind of opportunity ! I can say that, this is the easier way to earn ur pocket money while blogging...its all depend on u! (^_^)

16 Loves Me ;-P:

fezaL Mohd said... [Reply to Comment]

hebat. ;)

Flo Alfera said... [Reply to Comment]

Fezal: ty :P

eynda said... [Reply to Comment]

Keep on blogging...tak lama lagi sure $$$ makin bertambah ;-)

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

Eynda: same to u :)

ween said... [Reply to Comment]

wah. cpt nya nuff earning naik. congrats :)

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

hi ween ty...P

farra-eng said... [Reply to Comment]

usha2 haha

izzahfarhana said... [Reply to Comment]

congrats =)

Jantan Terhangat said... [Reply to Comment]

wah bnyk la tu...huhuhu tahniah2 keep working

Jantan Terhangat said... [Reply to Comment]

kalau u nak tau iklan hijau tu kat malaysioa dia ban tapi kalau kt singapore baru iklan ada..

Jogger said... [Reply to Comment]

JH, iklan hijau tu bukan ke kita setting masa sign nuff ker.. dia ada tanya willing to ad any alcohol adds

Flo Alfera said... [Reply to Comment]

Jogger & Jantan terhangat: I pon no idea why they put the ads in my blog...maybe im non muslim kot sebab tulah pasal.But for me shud be no problem coz itu cuma iklan big deal hahahahah...anyway thanks for dropping by.

wan2911 said... [Reply to Comment]

congratz :)

Ms AiReEn MoHd said... [Reply to Comment]

tahniah babe..aku tulung ko samapi leh tetiap bulan cash out ekkk..go bebeh...

Syiera said... [Reply to Comment]

mcm mne ye nk dpt hasil dr nuffnang??
klu xde org nk klik nuffnang ads 2 cmne??
sy bru lg..
xbpe nk fhm sgt.. tlg ajar ye..

Syiera said... [Reply to Comment]

cmne nk dpt income dr nuffnang??
xde spe pn nk klik..
mnx tunjuk ajar ye..

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