Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Simple "Ham Salad Sandwich"

This is gonna be my breakfast & lunch for the whole week. believe or not? very simple and easy to prepare "Wink".

This is all the ingredients ..only cost me about rm10++ (cheap or not) for breakfast and one for lunch

Isn't look yummy?? hehe perasan sikit!

10 Loves Me ;-P:

Jard The Great said... [Reply to Comment]

rupa die cam lazat je.. kalah sandwich dari SUBWAY.. ehehehe

Flo Alfera said... [Reply to Comment]

Hi Jard:
Hahahahha cam mana rupa sandwich dari subway yer?

Jogger said... [Reply to Comment]

nampak menarik...... apesal booh dok jauh sgt... kalo x mintak tlg siapkan utk i skali...

Flo Alfera said... [Reply to Comment]

Nak aku courier utk jogger? hehehhe

mun-e said... [Reply to Comment]

waaa. tak pernah terfikir nak letak hirisan chicken tu. leh try. hehe.

tapi kena masak dulu ke ayam tu ek? =p

Mia-Ina said... [Reply to Comment]

wah delicious tgk chicken2 kena msk ke?

eynda said... [Reply to Comment]

Wah!! Dapat idea utk makan2 ni...lapar pulak tengok sandwich ni malam2...nak kena tido kalau tak mesti selongkar cari makanan :-p

Flo Alfera said... [Reply to Comment]

Aku pun baru dapat idea ni ..tak rugi kalo nak try..selamat mencuba!

Flo Alfera said... [Reply to Comment]

Ham to kena grill dulu baru sedap ;P

Flo Alfera said... [Reply to Comment]

Dont worry idea ni boleh dikategorikan dlm makanan sihat juga heheheh

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