Saturday, 9 October 2010


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Have you ever wondered what a blog stalker is? Well let me tell you a blog stalker is someone who is so obsessed with someone life.Means she or he secretly reading someone's blog with the express of learning or spying more about them without their knowledge and with bad intentions .Do they know that they can be followed and noted when they are on the blog, how long they on the blog and which stories they read?? hmmmmmm i know you're out there.....psssttttttt i can hear you breathing!! hehehehehehe

I know you very interested in my life for some reason.Not quite sure why yet, or if i even care!!!! heyyyy bikin panas juga kalo ada orang macam tu...if u read this....ko rasa lah macam mana pedas tu cili padi.(i mean it's U......S.T.A.L.K.E.R)

7 Loves Me ;-P:

CHINA DOLL said... [Reply to Comment]

Bukan saya tu ya... hiihihi...

SJB said... [Reply to Comment]

Siapa lah tu ah?.

Mrs Graig said... [Reply to Comment]

uits...first time here from Annie's blog :)

btw, followed u and adding u up in my bloglist ya :)

Kenny aka Mrs Graig

Va Va Voom said... [Reply to Comment]

Bukan ko bukan ko...hehehhehhehhe

Va Va Voom said... [Reply to Comment]

Ada lah tu org yg tdk puas hati sama saya hehehheheh

Va Va Voom said... [Reply to Comment]

Mrs Graig:
Hi thanks for dropping by here..u're most welcome here.

eyndayusoff said... [Reply to Comment]

Kalau ada stalker maknanyer blog u dah hebat! ;-)

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