Friday, 29 July 2011

Featured by #WhoAmISabah.

Feeling artis kampung kejap........;-P

Duhhh chubbynya pipi! ;-(

Yesterday, i was interviewed by  #WhoAmISabah thru FB..!  very simple,spontaneous and interesting interview ;-). Mau baca lebih lanjut sila klik website yg tertera k. Well mesti ramai yg tertanya2 apa #WhoAmISabah kan? 

A shout out to all Sabahans! 

We are on the works to create a website under the tagname #WhoAmISabah documenting Sabahans from all over the world.

We will be recording and documenting our facebook, twitter and blog friends input so come on, join us.

Let all Sabahans from all corners of the world know each other via #WhoAmISabah sites with a little of eye candy ie a pix or video of you and what makes you #WhoAmISabah! is shaping up nicely with a lot of suggestions to make the website so much better. Gosh! There's just so many!

So here's the basic questions:
1) Bloodline from Mum & dad making you a Sabahan, how?
2) Current profession
3) Contactable via???
4) Last but not least how are you as fabulous!!! Sabahan;) Now don't be modest, just give it to us. We can take it!!!

Or in Bahasa Malaysia:
1) Keturunan ibu + bapa = kamu
2) Pekerjaan
3) Pesanan kepada pembaca blog
4) Alamat facebook/twitter

Checkout our website at and don't forget to accept us as frens at fb @Iamsabahproject or twitter @whoamisabah.

Thanx so much for the support and looking forward to your reply soonest.

#WhoAmISabah Administrator

                      (Copy +paste from her fb)

Bah..all Sabahan..kalo berminat jangan malu2 add dia di Facebook or k.Mana tau u will be the next featured on her website.

Note: To Vera Mionemp..thank u so much and really appreciate it..(walau pun blog cikai2 ja..)hehehehe. 

6 Loves Me ;-P:

Armstrong said... [Reply to Comment]

Uina, Angelina Jolie lips! Kalo sia tinguk betul-betul, si Angie pun kalah kepada ko oo ;D

Uits, interesting website... nda pernah dengar sebelum ni, but thx 2 u... sia tau da haaha.

CathJ said... [Reply to Comment]

hehehe... ada lagi tu artis kampung... bila lagi.. hihihi

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

@Armstrong: hahaha marah oh si AJ...jangan ko mahal tu "pout" sa tu.

sa pun baru juga tau tu website..kebetulan sa kenal tu owner dia.

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

@CathJ: Angan2 mat jenin ja tu CathJ...hahahaha

AnnieMing said... [Reply to Comment]

Wah siok juga ni. Congrats Flo for being featured!

Rose Flower said... [Reply to Comment]

Luv the new background...feel free to visit me : )

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