Wednesday, 21 September 2011

CathJ Guest Blogger: "Meeting Up"

Yes yes! si CathJ buat segment kali sa tidak mau lepaskan peluang mesti mau join hehehehe..ngam2 lagi kena my fav topic ne.So here is the situation............

It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st.

Nahh here goes my outfit for that day! ;-P

My simple "Meeting Up" attire

Sa ne memang suka outfit yg simple2 saja yang penting nampak 
"Vogue" atekei.!!

So what do you think of my outfit? bah if Love my "vogue" outfit..pls click itu "Like" #18 (below picture) kio. Arigato Gozaimasu.!! (^_^)

13 Loves Me ;-P:

Deanona said... [Reply to Comment]

memang vogue! skinny jeans and red heels memang perfect combo! <3

Just said... [Reply to Comment]

lawa la!! sia ja blm buat.. huhuh..

CathJ said... [Reply to Comment]

2 words... I likeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

chegu carol said... [Reply to Comment]

hey, hopping here from the linky tools :)

the color really popped! i like. i heart the top, bag and shoe. perfect combo.

Lizeewong said... [Reply to Comment]

Yup! Agree with Carol. Lovely combination. I really love the top! :)

nc said... [Reply to Comment]

*LIKE* :)

kay masingan said... [Reply to Comment]

cantik. Saya suka itu handbag n shoes..

Aemy Shamy said... [Reply to Comment]

this is so ladylike...sweet! i love it! ^^

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said... [Reply to Comment]


beaty said... [Reply to Comment]

wah sepdan semua warna dia...huhhhhh flo...cantik suka ti skinny pants

Edith said... [Reply to Comment]

Nice choice :) Like!

Rose Flower said... [Reply to Comment]

Nice taste!!! love it too

♡ a-Me ♡ said... [Reply to Comment]

Nice oh.. sa suka btul tu heels.. very sexy..

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