Monday, 10 October 2011


Yehaaaa another segment from Cath-J..! 

I am a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and her sisters. So ni kali lah..mana mau kasi lepas tu chance pi wedding dia walaupun...dalam mimpi ja hohohoho. 

Kim Kardashian invited you to her wedding.. and as you all know the wedding dress code will be BLACK and WHITE.. you don’t follow the dress code.. you will not allowed to enter to the wedding receiption…

Tadaaaa...ini lah yang sa mau pakai utk hari tu ..harap2 lah tidak kena "reject" ngeh ngeh.

Untitled #2

Note: Don't play-play...Prada yuuuuu hihihihih

9 Loves Me ;-P:

Rose Flower said... [Reply to Comment]

fuyoh mengancam woh ging pilihan ko ni mo pigi juga ni wedding mo p shopping di polyvore dulu ni it!!!

dyanareds said... [Reply to Comment]

last time sy mo join tp sy enda pandai setting.kasi biar sj la.hehe

beaty said... [Reply to Comment]

wah tube dress cantik suka ...

Anne B. said... [Reply to Comment]

sa suka tu earing! sgt cantik....

Cathj said... [Reply to Comment]

Wahhhhh.... I love the shoessssss..... :)

debrajill said... [Reply to Comment]

the earring matches your dress perfectly! you going to look stunning on the outfit~ cantiK!

Rose Ragai said... [Reply to Comment]

phewwwitt.... simple and exclusive owh... nice.. :-)

Wency Jelson said... [Reply to Comment]

sexy little black dress.. sa sgt suka.. <3

lydia1212 said... [Reply to Comment]

i like ur shoes.. and the ring is unique one :)

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