Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 Post # 4 - Awesome Christmas gift !

So heres most of the gifts i got for christmas. 
Note: Bukan mau show off ya..but just wanted to show my appreciation to them ;)

 This was a christmas gift from my best friend..RoseFlower thanks darl.

Cool christmas gift i got from my friend Anjeline-A Slice of My Life 

Got this one from our Lady Bloggers Gathering gift exchange. From si Enniebelle
I love the combo with the gold-silver and black bracelets with this beautiful kind of clutch, they just get along so well! Thanks mandak.

Last but not least...a gift from my koginawaan, Esprit Watch. love it to max!!! Thanks Luv!

Ok that all for now...Happy Saturday and Have a great weekend!

8 Loves Me ;-P:

beaty said... [Reply to Comment]

banyak juga hadiah ko ni suka owh..he he tu jam paling manang

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

hehehe ty moi!

keykho said... [Reply to Comment]

uina...pya byk gift...siok o...hehe

Cherrie.Mia said... [Reply to Comment]

gift no.1 tu sa ada..wangi kan shower gel dia ni...

Aemy Shamy said... [Reply to Comment]

waaa so many gifts!!! mmg awesome la! hehe ^^

AnnieMing said... [Reply to Comment]

I love gifts! :D Great gifts you received there Flo, especially the one from Rose. It's beautiful!

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said... [Reply to Comment]

A collection of love bah ni. Siok kan kalu dpt byk gifts. :)

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

Lagi banyak lagi best! ;-P

Saya belum rasmi lagi..mcm tdk sampai hati mau guna sebab terlampau kiut yay!


Sioknya kalo hari2 Xmas muahahahaha!

Naaahh sa paling sokong tu...;)

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