Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2012 Post # 6 - A Great movie..The Flowers of Wars.

Ya ya tahu..saya agak ketinggalan sudah tengok ni movie...actually dari last year lagi d/load tapi baru semalam saya ada masa tengok itu pun selepas habis episod Supernatural S06.

Walaupun movie ni agak panjang sampai 2 1/2 jam..tapi bagi saya sangat berbaloi dan banyak moral disebalik cerita tersebut. Well saya ni kalo pasal review movie kurenggg sikit..apa kata korang baca synopsis yang saya copy paste dari website ni.

An American mortician, John Miller (Bale), arrives in Nanjing in order to bury the foreign head priest of a convent for Catholic girls, just after the city was bombed and invaded by theJapanese forces. A short time after his arrival at the convent, a group of flamboyant prostitutes from the local red-light district find their way to the compound looking for shelter, as foreigners and foreign institutions seem to be left alone by the marauding Japanese soldiers. While the prostitutes hide out in the cellar, Miller struggles with and finally gives in to his feelings of responsibility to protect the teenage schoolgirls, and poses as the convent's priest when the compound is repeatedly visited by Japanese soldiers looking for girls to rape. With the help of Chinese collaborator Mr. Meng (Kefan), who is the father of one of the girls, he starts to repair the convent's truck in case there should be an opportunity to bring the girls out of Nanjing.
Japanese Colonel Hasegawa (Atsuro Watabe) finally promises to protect the convent by placing guards in front of the gate, and requests that the girls sing a choral for him. After the perfomance, he hands Miller an official invitation for the girls to sing at the Japanese army's victory celebration. Fearing for their safety (especially since the guards' main concern seems to be not letting any of the girls leave the compound), Miller declines. Kato informs him that it is not a request, but an order and that the girls are going to be picked up the next day. Before they leave, the Japanese soldiers count the girls and erroneously include one of the prostitutes (who has strayed from the cellar looking for her cat), totalling 13.
Induced by their de-facto leader Yu Mo (Ni), the prostitutes decide to protect the girls by meeting the Japanese on their behalf. As they are only twelve, the former convent priest's adopted son volunteers as well. Miller initially opposes to their self-sacrificing decision, but ultimately assists them in disguising using his skills as a mortician.
The next day, the 13 are led away by the unsuspecting Japanese soldiers. After they have left, Miller hides the convent girls on the truck he repaired. Using a single-person permit Mr. Meng was able to obtain, he drives out of the town. In the last scene, the truck is seen driving on a deserted highway in Western direction, away from the advancing Japanese army, towards safety.

Bagi yang belum tengok ni movie ..i'm highly recommended! :-)

11 Loves Me ;-P:

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said... [Reply to Comment]

I read about this movie in one local newspaper. I'm too found that it's indeed interesting sa pun belum tinguk.

Bah, mari pigi tinguk (^^)

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

Best ni movie,,,inda rugi kalo ko beli dvd dia hihihi:)

Daniel Chiam said... [Reply to Comment]

I havent watch this!... sounds interesting... bah nnt sa tingu :D

Rose Flower said... [Reply to Comment]

mo cari dvd laini

Flo said... [Reply to Comment]

Bah pi lah tingu...nanti kasi share2 ah..ko kan biasa review movie hihihihi

Kalo ko ada masa bawa ja pen drive nanti sa copy utk ko k.

dyanared said... [Reply to Comment]

blum sy tgk jg ni.

Aki said... [Reply to Comment]

er baiklah.. downloading.. :-p

keykho said... [Reply to Comment]

ee...macam mampukah BB maxis sy donlod ni? hehehe... susa2 cari dvd ja bha kan! hehehe

Aemy Shamy said... [Reply to Comment]

haven't blum lg pegi cinema tahun ni :p
nnt la sy tgk..hehe ^^
nice review!!

beaty said... [Reply to Comment]

inda sa pernah dengar ni movie..he he ..mcm best juga ni flo..

Armstrong said... [Reply to Comment]

Si Batman ka tu, Flo? ;D Dia tulung kasi lari tu convent girls ka. Hebat o.

Happy Monday, Flo!

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